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A lot of high paid respectable individuals have tattoos; lawyers, doctors, and many others included. Unfortunately, people are still unfairly judged for obtaining tattoos. Particularly in jobs that deal with the public or certain office settings. These even though to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology a quarter of Americans aged 18-50 have tattoos. Many HR managers unfairly discriminate towards people with tattoos. To get around this, some people will wear long sleeved shirts, or do whatever it takes to cover them during interviews. Other people simply do not have the option to hide them. However, even though you have the legal right to have tattoos, with a job, they can require you to not have one. It is far from a first amendment issue.This a short-term fix, as most likely, at some point your tattoos will likely be seen and it could still affect your job as you may be overlooked for promotions. Some companies have their own internal policies not allowing tattoos. Or at the minimum that they be covered while working. Again, this may be challenging based on the location of the tattoo. Wearing a long sleeve shirt daily is not realistic for some jobs.With a large unemployment rate, you need all the support you can get in getting an occupation, and do not want to give a organization a reason not to help you. So unless you want to cover them up the rest of your working career, you have one true choice.Laser tattoo removal is the only lasting solution. It involves a laser that produced wavelengths of light. Which causes the it to breakup. It can remove professional, homemade, traumatic and surgical tattoo designs. Typically it calls for 6-12 treatments, though amateur ones take 4-5 treatments. They are usually done 5-6 weeks apart. The procedure is successful with results on all colors of tattoos. Most people worry about the pain, but not to worry, the pain of laser tattoo removal is very little. In truth, the pain will be much lower than when you got the tattoo. But anesthesia and laughing gas are offered if necessary.The procedure is pretty simple and painless and should not result in troubles. Once completed, you should have a much less difficult time obtaining and retaining any job.Tattoos Can Prevent Getting HiredIt’s unfortunate, but in today’s world, the only thing that could stand between you and landing that dream job could be that small tattooed Chinese symbol on your neck. When you consider tattoos reducing employment, you might picture an applicant that is covered in tattoos being refused a job. However unfortunate this is, what’s even worse is that many employers are stepping it up across the charts and denying employment to even the applicant that has one minor, hardly noticeable mark on his/her body.After rejection settles in, many denied applicants often report feeling discriminated against. One massage therapist, Nikki Kucharek of Macungie, Pennsylvania, reported feeling similar to a victim of racism after being told that she’d been denied a job – despite making it to the final stage of the interviews which included removing her sweater.Prior to recent times, tattoos were seen as very taboo, and it wasn’t common for the average Joe Schmo to get one. However, in recent years, tattoos have become very popular, stylish and affordable. Anything you can imagine can be tattooed onto your body for a affordable price, so this can easily be linked to their rise in popularity.However, no matter how popular tattoos have become with society, employers haven’t done a lot to relieve their views on tattoos in the work environment. Many employers overlook applicants with tattoos for reasoning such as tattoos appearing abnormal and not professional. Of course, this can lead many applicants to open discrimination cases against employers, but these cases almost never survive in court due to equal opportunity regulations.In cases like this, many frustrated applicants are left simply to a last measure which is laser tattoo removal. For every one person that is willing to go through with the laser tattoo removal for better employment chances, there are numerous that refuse it for reasoning such as, “The reason for my rejection went beyond of my tattoos.”Laser tattoo removal normally consists of the removal a person’s tattoos through use of a laser that breaks the ink in the skin up into tiny particles via the wavelengths produced by the laser. After the particles have allocated, the body naturally removes the loose toxins out. A client will usually go for 6-12 sessions to get the area in question cared for before the tattoo is officially removed.If you end up having difficulties to find employment because of body art, consider laser tattoo removal as an option. It’s never too late to improve your odds at landing that job that you want or really need.

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As a poet, I love the written word in its diverse spectrum of forms and shapes. Words and images are the tools of a poet. The poet’s canvas is life itself. He or she strives to enhance the human experience. The tattoo artist has the same goal: to make life more interesting for his followers.Nevertheless, as a poet I always have concerns about the kind of paper I use, the quality of my ink, the mindset that I have for writing, and the environment that I am creating my poems in. I strive to make those circumstances as perfect as possible. I hate coping with writer’s block which is like a nasty skin infection that just won’t go away that I keep scratching at, and wishing it away. If I only had practiced some common sense and avoided drinking, tried to write when in a good mood, done more brainstorming, had the right materials at hand or slotted enough time to accomplish today’s writing goal, then the words would be flowing from my pen.Well, the tattoo artist loves his images, words, ink, and the canvas he adores, the human body. He wants to make the world better one tattoo at a time, when you knock on his door as tabula rasa.Before you get your first tattoo, you are a blank canvas waiting for a masterpiece. And before you open that door, as a poet who loves words and images of the finest order, I have some common sense suggestions for you. If one of the seven things I say rings a bell with you to remember before tattooing, then I have accomplished my writing goal. Yes, it’s all basic common sense, but worth reading.Twenty-five percent or more of those under the age of 30 are adorning their skin with at least one tattoo. The first thing to consider is:1. Don’t’ drink and ink. If you drink and ink, you might choose a really dumb tattoo that you have to live with the rest of your life. Secondly, you will bleed more if you drink. Thirdly, if you drink any kind of caffeine drink, it will cause you to bleed less, but you will be more sore the next day than usual. [Poets shouldn’t drink and write.]2. Do pick the best artist that you can find and afford, especially if you are getting a “word tattoo” such as:• In love, one and one are one.• My heart is ever at your service.• “You had me at hello.”• Anything is possible.• Add life to days… not days to life.Why worry about a word tattoo? As you age, your body and skin will change. It will sag, wrinkle and stretch. The tattoo or tattoos may become unreadable. [The words of a poet have to stand the test of time to become immortal. And that’s a stretch!]3. Don’t believe that it is easy to completely remove a tattoo. Fifty percent of the people that get tattoos later regret their decision. Removing one is expensive, painful, and time-consuming. The total cost for a tattoo removal is about $600 to $3500, depending on its size. Tattoo removal is usually completed in 6-8 treatments which are 6-8 weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the ink used and the colors used. [The words of a poet published or online are didn’t to remove, if not impossible.]4. Do talk to other people you know who have already gotten tattooed. Ask them as many questions as possible, especially who the artist was, and what motivated them to get a tattoo. And how it has worked out in the long run. [Poets should have their hand on the pulse of society and belong to various writing groups.]5. Don’t forget that a future employee might not like tattoos. Consider very carefully where your tattoo will be located on your body, particularly if it’s on the neck and underside of the wrist. Those are areas that are hard to conceal with clothing. So make certain that your tattoo won’t rule out getting the job that you truly desire. [Poets have to gear their writing and submissions to the right publishing house.]6. Do make sure your tattoo is exactly what you what. You can suggest certain changes to the original design. It’s your body. The tattoo is going to last forever. You should get what you want. Your body is the canvas for some colorful enhancements. So while deciding on the tattoo that you want, do lots of “window” shopping or Internet surfing for the right design. [Before submitting poetry, poets should research online a good number of publishers.]7. Don’t get a tattoo if you absolutely hate needles or the thought just popped into your head. It should be something that you have been thinking about for a long time because there are some medical risks. Tattoos break the skin, which means that skin infections and other complications are possible such as allergic skin reactions to different dyes. Nevertheless, most people only have minor side effects. Be sure that you go to an experienced tattoo artist that runs a reputable establishment, and compare notes with your tattooed buddies before the big event. [If mingling with people is an extremely high priority, don’t become a poet. They spend a lot of time alone writing and revising.]Get that tattoo that you always wanted! “Add life to days… not days to life.”

Do You Know the Top Seven Tips for the Best Custom Tattoo Designs? |

For those who don’t know why they want a tattoo, or get one on a whim, having a tattoo can be a painful decision because it’s extremely painful (and very expensive) to get it removed completely. Do you know the top seven tips for the best custom tattoo designs? For those unsure of the best tips, read the following:1. A tattoo should have a meaning for the one who sports it, and there should be a reason why the art is placed at a specific body part. So, having a flower, a dragon, or a Chinese symbol that is too common and doesn’t have any significance to the wearer.2. If you’re having your first ever tattoo, get something small. Don’t decide on one across the entire lower back or along the upper part of the arm as a first tattoo. There is some pain associated with the tattoo – after all they are sticking needles just under the skin and releasing the ink, so for those squirmy about getting a flu shot, this is like getting several hundred (or thousand) needle pricks. Make sure the pain is tolerable before embarking on a big and elaborate design.3. A tattoo that you don’t like after it comes to life on your skin is not a pleasurable feeling. It is painful to get a tattoo removed because it takes numerous appointments, and it’s very expensive, so be sure the tattoo design you finalize is the one that you really wanted to have. Don’t get one when drunk or on a whim, or just because everyone else is having a tattoo design.4. There are many tattoo designs available, some very simple and straightforward designs with only one or two colors, and others, extremely intricate and detailed with many colors. The more elaborate the design the more colors are used. It means it will be a lot more expensive. Make sure the first one is affordable, and particularly the first one.5. Know that there are several areas on the body that don’t hurt that much while getting tattooed than others. For example; the ankles and neck are much less painful than the upper arm or shoulder.6. Location of the tattoo is important as well. The owner’s occupation should be considered, particularly for those whose employers don’t allow tattoos to be shown (hospitals are a good example). Make sure that the tattoo can be completely covered up if there is a need to prevent it from being shown.7. Know what needs to be done to ensure that tattoo heal properly. Keeping it clean, washing five times a day and using the antibiotic cream that the tattoo artist recommends. Don’t scratch it while it’s healing. Don’t get it out in the sunlight. Keep it moist. Make sure the tattoo artist uses clean needles and fresh ink to avoid infection and diseases.Tattoos are very personal body art, and should reflect the personality, style, and character of the person getting the tattoo. Do you know the top seven tips for the best custom tattoo designs? Be sure to know all the ramifications of getting a tattoo before ever making the commitment.There are some amazing designs available, but make sure the tattoo artist is experienced, clean, and knows how to keep it clean and avoid infection.