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Tattoos have become a fashion statement and it seems like everyone is sporting one or more tattoos. But getting heavily inked may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many people are put off with the perceived pain involved. Others are apprehensive about the permanence of tattoos.Popularity of the Art FormAll this has changed with the popularity of airbrush tattoos. When done well, these tattoos look as good as the permanent ones and nobody can really tell without very close examination whether airbrush tattoos are real or fake. Now everybody who wants to can sport a tattoo.The best part about airbrush tattoos are that they can be easily removed. So a lot of people get them done as a testing method before getting permanently inked. Airbrush tattoos have made a grand entry as a party pleaser, at private and public events and even on occasions and fun fairs.The simplicity of airbrush tattoosInstead of spending hours and a lot of money at a tattoo parlor, a person can simply get the short term version, only costing a few dollars. If uncomfortable with the results or the feeling of sporting a tattoo, it can simply be removed with some rubbing alcohol or baby oil.People go to parties to have fun, socialize, eat and drink and fun. Having an airbrush tattoo artist at a party is a sure crowd pleaser. A partygoer will be tempted to try them and they are a great ice-breaker as well. A youngster will love to try out something new, something very much in fashion without having to face parental disapproval. An older person may want to experiment how it feels like to have a tattoo. Even seniors may love the feeling of getting an airbrush tattoo to be ‘in’.Enliven the party with airbrush tattoo artistsIf you want to have a fun party, call some tattoo artists to work the crowd. They don’t need a lot of space and they carry their own tools of trade, which are quite compact. People of all ages, men and women, will have fun selecting the design, colors and size of the tattoos that they want to sport.Getting airbrush tattoos at a party can be a way of letting your hair down, experimenting and also getting attention. These tattoos may be small or cover large parts of the skin and they may be single colored to use a range of colors. Typically, they can last for a few days, are waterproof and take only a few seconds to be painted on.The way an airbrush tattoo is appliedThe airbrush tattoo artist first cleans the skin where the tattoo has to be applied, removing oils and dirt from it. Then he places the stencil and with the special airbrush spray pen, fills in the tattoo area. For more than one color, the process has to be repeated, the stencil must be carefully removed. Any over spray needs to be cleaned with alcohol swabs. Dust with setting powder or talcum powder to set the tattoo.Simple single color designs can usually be done in a minute or so. Varied colors or large designs will take longer. However, this is nowhere near the time taken for permanent inked tattoos, which you cannot even imagine getting done at a party or event.The tattoo artist can help make your party a success. People will talk about the tattoos they got at your party for a long time and their friends and colleagues will comment on the tattoos, too. This will add to the fun factor of your party.