Do You Know the Top Seven Tips for the Best Custom Tattoo Designs? |

For those who don’t know why they want a tattoo, or get one on a whim, having a tattoo can be a painful decision because it’s extremely painful (and very expensive) to get it removed completely. Do you know the top seven tips for the best custom tattoo designs? For those unsure of the best tips, read the following:1. A tattoo should have a meaning for the one who sports it, and there should be a reason why the art is placed at a specific body part. So, having a flower, a dragon, or a Chinese symbol that is too common and doesn’t have any significance to the wearer.2. If you’re having your first ever tattoo, get something small. Don’t decide on one across the entire lower back or along the upper part of the arm as a first tattoo. There is some pain associated with the tattoo – after all they are sticking needles just under the skin and releasing the ink, so for those squirmy about getting a flu shot, this is like getting several hundred (or thousand) needle pricks. Make sure the pain is tolerable before embarking on a big and elaborate design.3. A tattoo that you don’t like after it comes to life on your skin is not a pleasurable feeling. It is painful to get a tattoo removed because it takes numerous appointments, and it’s very expensive, so be sure the tattoo design you finalize is the one that you really wanted to have. Don’t get one when drunk or on a whim, or just because everyone else is having a tattoo design.4. There are many tattoo designs available, some very simple and straightforward designs with only one or two colors, and others, extremely intricate and detailed with many colors. The more elaborate the design the more colors are used. It means it will be a lot more expensive. Make sure the first one is affordable, and particularly the first one.5. Know that there are several areas on the body that don’t hurt that much while getting tattooed than others. For example; the ankles and neck are much less painful than the upper arm or shoulder.6. Location of the tattoo is important as well. The owner’s occupation should be considered, particularly for those whose employers don’t allow tattoos to be shown (hospitals are a good example). Make sure that the tattoo can be completely covered up if there is a need to prevent it from being shown.7. Know what needs to be done to ensure that tattoo heal properly. Keeping it clean, washing five times a day and using the antibiotic cream that the tattoo artist recommends. Don’t scratch it while it’s healing. Don’t get it out in the sunlight. Keep it moist. Make sure the tattoo artist uses clean needles and fresh ink to avoid infection and diseases.Tattoos are very personal body art, and should reflect the personality, style, and character of the person getting the tattoo. Do you know the top seven tips for the best custom tattoo designs? Be sure to know all the ramifications of getting a tattoo before ever making the commitment.There are some amazing designs available, but make sure the tattoo artist is experienced, clean, and knows how to keep it clean and avoid infection.