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Tattoos are perhaps the most popular way for young people to make a style statement. A few years back, the tattooing arena was quite small, with common patterns and the inscription of names being the only designs or the most popular designs. However, there has been a significant change in the styles and tattooing techniques that have given tattoo enthusiasts as well as designers a bigger platform. Tattoos have also become unique.Style, they say, is something unique/ special/ personal to every individual and everyone has personality traits or a certain lifestyle that they want should reflect in the tattoo designs they sport on various parts of their body. Following the designs/ patterns that have been on the scene for a long time, or blindly copying the tattoos of your favorite celebrities or football stars, is no longer the way. The latest trend is therefore custom design tattoos.A custom design tattoo, as the name itself suggests, is a tattoo that you can customize to suit your personal preferences and tattoo ideas. The changes or alterations that you can effect in a design go far beyond simple color changes or its placement on your body. You can go for something that comes to mind and let the experts customize it to suit your looks. For example; you may want to have the initials of your kid/kids names incorporated into a tattoo design of your choice.Online tattoo design sites have the option of providing one with a very original tattoo idea after asking for very few specifications from the client. Basic questions like where you want to place the tattoo, size of the area available, skin color, your main objective for getting the tattoo, whether you have any other tattoos on your body, etc. are asked. Based on this information, an experienced designer creates the best design for his/her client.So, before you go about having a custom design tattoo, you should have some idea about the design and be very clear on what you want in a tattoo. The work thereafter becomes fairly simple. The designers that work with these sites are all individuals with a high quotient of creativity, and handpicked only after their flair in the tattoo designing field has been stringently tested. They understand exactly what the clients are looking for and can come up with an original design in a reasonably short period of time. Even though the price is a little higher than the regular ones that one gets in pattern books, they realize that clients wanting to get a custom design care more about exclusivity.Now, you must be wondering as to how one can be sure that the design provided by the designer really suits them. Well, for every client who signs up to have a custom design tattoo, the tattoo design is not finalized until the client approves it. The rough drafts are made and are shown to the client, and are finally made only once they say a yes. So there is no chance of worrying about losing money over something you don’t like. Once the design is finalized, it is mailed to you along with a list of names and addresses of tattoo designers who will help to get it tattooed onto you.You can choose from the various categories like tribal art, butterflies, celestial motifs, ornamental and flowery patterns etc. If you wish to inscribe a name or a word, there are a wide range of fonts to choose from. So, go ahead and get yourself a beautiful custom tattoo design that reflects who you are.